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Life After Treatment

Advantage Treatment Centers, Inc. values life after our residential placements.  Research shows that a well balanced aftercare plan can be the difference maker in long term sobriety.  We gladly present the following options for Transitional Housing.  Please note these options are for long term sobriety/stability.  People in active Substance Use and/or acute mental health needs should be referred to ATC IRT/Community Corrections programming.

Lamar Transitional Housing – Male

Located inside Lamar city limits in a quiet neighborhood ATC operates an 8-person house that is equipped with both indoor and outdoor cooking, two separate living rooms, plenty of laundry, kitchen, and bathroom space.  Residents also work with a local house manager and our partner agency RESADA to stay sober, and flourish in the community by assisting in employment, treatment connections, and getting set up with many other county and state funded social assistance measures where applicable.  This house has been CARR (Colorado Association of Recovery Residences) certified since 2022.

 For Lamar referrals please contact Jerry Churchill at or by calling 970-580-0518.

Sterling Transitional Housing Division Duplex – Female
Our newest house recently purchased is strictly used for female people in recovery. The Duplex offers a very stable place for up to 4 women to thrive in our community.  The same Judicial Navigator and Peer Specialist work with this population to support them.  2 well furnished apartments, a garden, a large backyard, and space await referrals to this house.  This house is also pending CARR certification.
Sterling Transitional Housing Jefferson – Male

In Sterling ATC operates a small house with 4 single bedrooms with a glorious man cave setup in an attached garage. The Sterling Jefferson house is supervised by our Judicial Navigator position and works in conjunction with a peer specialist to provide all the supportive and oversight tasks that help clients succeed.  This house has been used for housing community corrections clients previously and is pending CARR certification.


For both Sterling houses please contact Issac Harris at or by calling 970-522-7383 ext. 121.
Debunking Misconceptions: Understanding Community Corrections and Transitional Living Facilities

Debunking Misconceptions: Understanding Community Corrections and Transitional Living Facilities

Are you curious about the truth behind community corrections and transitional living facilities? If so, our latest blog post is a must-read for you. We dive deep into the common misconceptions surrounding these programs, shedding light on their true purpose and benefits. Discover how community corrections facilities differ from prisons and how transitional living facilities provide a stepping stone towards independence. Gain insight into the individualized treatment and support these facilities offer, debunking the notion of restrictive environments. Join us as we unravel the essential role community support plays in successful reintegration. Don’t let misinformation cloud your understanding. Visit our blog to dispel the misconceptions and embrace the positive impact of community corrections and transitional living facilities. Your journey towards a deeper understanding begins here.

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