IRT Program Details & F.A.Q.

What To Expect

Intensive Residential Treatment Program Details

While in the program you will share a room and general facilities with other clients. You will have daily chores that are required to be completed. You will also be expected to attend every group and meeting. The groups usually start at 8 am and can last until 8 pm, with breaks and meal times in between.

You will have access to coin-operated laundry machines while in the facility. Please note, prices for machines vary by site. Access to pay phones will be granted after you advance through the “phases” of the program. It is suggested you bring quarters for both laundry and phones; however, please note you cannot have more than $20 in your possession at any time. Phone usage will be granted by staff upon reaching the appropriate phase in IRT.

A daily schedule has been set by program staff and you will be required to attend any and all events that are provided to you. It will be helpful if you bring athletic clothing for any physical health activities.

If you require medical attention you will be taken to a local hospital or urgent care center for treatment and you will be responsible for the payment. If you have medical insurance, bringing your medical card will be helpful should you need medical attention.

As mentioned previously, you are allowed to have $20.00 cash on you at all times while in the program. All other money will need to be given to your case manager to be put in an account that will be created for you via Advantage Treatment Center. Any and all clients in the program will be required to sign a limited power of attorney to the Program Director granting permission for the Director to disperse any client money in the event he has been deemed to have escaped.

You will be allowed to keep a very minimal amount of non-perishable food items in your locker/plastic tote while in the program. A plastic tote will be issued to you upon arrival. All items must be in a re-sealable package. Any items found not to be in this packaging will be disposed of.

While in the program you will be allowed to bring a MP3 player, however it cannot contain a screen that could be used to display videos or photos. You will also be allowed to bring a reading light for your bed and an alarm clock. You will also be allowed to have a radio/stereo in your personal area. Headphones will be required for all MP3 and stereo devices. MP3 and stereo devices cannot be used during group or treatment interventions.

While in the program you are not allowed to have televisions, cell phones, pagers, scanners, cameras, or gaming systems of any kind. Excessive amounts of magazines, newspapers, or books will not be allowed. Please understand space will be limited. As such, we ask that you do not bring more than one weeks worth of clothing.

You are required to bring any prescribed or needed over-the-counter (OTC) medications with you to the program. You must arrive with a minimum of a 90 day supply or means to refill and pay for the prescriptions. If you have been given samples of medications you must have a note from your doctor with your name on it and the dosing instructions for the medication. All medications (OTC or prescribed) must be turned in to staff upon arrival.

Due to the nature of addiction, prescriptions for narcotics, amphetamines, and benzodiazepines cannot be allowed. Please see the unapproved medication list and work with your provider to taper, discontinue, or replace medications as appropriate. If you present to the facility with unapproved medications, we may not be able to admit you to the program and you will forfeit your scheduled bed date.

You are not allowed to have your own bedding while in the program as bedding will be provided for you. You will be furnished clean sheets weekly.

Individualized Care

We understand this is not a one-size fits all solution but rather a collaborative solution between the client and provider.

Sample IRT Weekly Plan

Advantage Treatment Center’s IRT Program is a 90-day client-centered approach to therapy.  Most days will include some individual and group therapy as well as other modalities. An integral part of the initial assessment process is the creation of an individualized, integrated, and comprehensive treatment plan. This plan, which is developed in accordance with 21.190.41, is collaboratively developed between the client and the service provider within ten (10) days of admission into the program. This document reflects the creation of mutually established goals and measurable objectives, written in a manner consistent with SMART principles establishes unique and target clinical interventions, and is reflected in the clinical record along with the attending clinician’s signature, supervisor’s signature (if applicable), date, and client signature.

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