Helpful Forms / Client Portal

IRT Visitor Form

Use this form to visit a current IRT Client at any of our facilities.

Unauthorized Meds

Use this form to view a list of currently unauthorized medication allowed at our facilities.


Release of Information Form.  Fill this out before you arrive to ensure that we can discuss information with authorized parties.

IRT Referral Form

Use this form to refer someone for our Intensive Residential Treatment Program.

Bed Availability

Use this link to view a real-time document of current bed availability at any of our locations.

DUI Class Information

Download information about DUI Classes offered at some locations.

IRT Handout

Download our handout on the Intensive Residential Treatment Program

Group Schedules

Use this link to view the group therapy schedule at any of our facilities.

Outpatient Referral

Use this form to refer someone to any of our outpatient programs.

Transitional Housing Application

Download the application for Transitional Housing

Transitional Housing Agreement

Use this link to view the agreement for the Transitional Housing Program.

Transitional Housing Rules

Download to view and agree to the rules of Transitional Housing.

Client Portal

Connect with the client portal to upload or view documents sign paperwork and see attendance details for treatment.  You must have a login and password to connect.  If you haven’t received your login information please contact

Contact Us

Our General Contact Form will allow us to connect you with the right person for your needs.  For emergencies call 911 or visit your nearest hospital

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P.O. Box 328 Sterling, CO 80751

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