Ft. Morgan Colorado


Advantage Treatment Centers opened the Fort Morgan location in early 2017 and quickly became a staple in the community.


They offer substance use disorder testing (UAs). Electronic Monitoring. Public Service. Over 10 Outpatient Groups per week. DUI specific treatment including Level I and Level II Education, Level II Treatment, and DUI Level II Four Plus programming. The lead therapist, Sonia, serves on sobriety court for Morgan county and has been working in the field for almost 20 years.

Ft. Morgan Group Schedule

Our Ft. Morgan Colorado facility offers outpatient services including group therapy.  To view the current schedule of groups click here.

Mailing Address: 219 E Railroad Ave, Fort Morgan, CO 80701

Phone Number: (970) 867-2086

The Power of Continuing Education and Mental Health First Aid in Transforming Communities

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The Value of Continuing Education in Mental Health: Empowering Professionals, Empowering Communities

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Intensive Residential Treatment (IRT)

Intensive residential treatment for community corrections is a form of rehabilitation that is designed to provide structured and intensive support to individuals who have been involved in the criminal justice system.

Judicial Services

Judicial Services are provided to community members who are not in residential status but under the jurisdiction of a local Judicial Branch.  Including monitored sobriety, oversight of community service, GPS, and SCRAM monitoring.

Outpatient Groups

We are here to help with multiple treatments for mental health and substance abuse in underserved rural areas of Colorado.  We offer various outpatient treatments and group therapy for a wide variety of mental health disorders. 

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