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Gender Specific Care

In the heart of Sterling, Colorado, Advantage Treatment Centers (ATC) unveils a transformative opportunity for female offenders through our High-Intensity Outpatient Program (HIOP). Founded in 2005, ATC has evolved from a modest community corrections initiative into a beacon of hope and change, offering a comprehensive spectrum of services including intensive residential and outpatient programs designed to address the unique challenges faced by women entangled within the justice system.

ENACT Mission

Our mission is clear: to forge paths toward successful community reintegration by aligning our clients with essential treatment and vocational resources. ATC’s latest endeavor, the ENACT Program, is a testament to our commitment to this cause. Serving the 13th Judicial District and supported by a generous grant from Northeast Health Partners, the ENACT Program specifically caters to the nuanced needs of female offenders, providing a gender-responsive, holistic approach to recovery.

The ENACT Program embodies our belief that client success is synonymous with community success. This innovative model seamlessly integrates Intensive Residential Treatment with outpatient services, fostering a continuum of care that nurtures recovery and resilience. At its core, the program is built on intensive case management and comprehensive behavioral healthcare, incorporating occupational training and peer-based interventions. Our aim? To equip our clients with the skills, tools, resources, and knowledge they need to break free of the correctional system.

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