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Advantage Treatment Center commenced services in Northeast Colorado in 2005 with the opening of a 106 male-bed residential Community Corrections Facility, located in Sterling, CO. Services at our Sterling addiction treatment center include: IRT, Diversion, Transition, Condition of Parole, Condition of Probation, and select Judicial Services.

Our addiction treatment center in Sterling is proud to be home to a 48-male-bed Intensive Residential Treatment Program offering cognitive-based interventions and treatment to encourage clients to live free of the effects of mood-altering substances.

The facility itself is located across Highway 61 from the Sterling Correctional Facility. It sits on 4 acres of commercial land and is surrounded by 39 acres of agricultural land, also owned by ATC owner Doug Carrigan. The facility was originally built as an Allis Chalmers Implement Dealer. It has since been utilized as an auction house, and an electrical contractor company, and was last utilized by the Department of Corrections, Heavy Equipment Program, prior to its purchase and renovation to male community corrections. Currently, the outlying acreage is being used for a large garden, and ATC management is looking forward to utilizing this space for more agricultural and ranching activities such as chickens, calves, hogs, etc., as well as expanded gardening and agricultural areas. Our addiction treatment center in Sterling has become a part of the local northeast Colorado community, by actively participating in relationships with local criminal justice agencies, treatment agencies, churches, and community fundraisers. ATC has an annual golf tournament that raises funds for local charities and has an annual food drive for the local community food bank.

Substance Testing Info

 Substance testing hours 6 am to 10 pm, daily. All testing must be paid for either prior to by clicking here or at the time of service, cash or card is accepted.

Sterling Group Schedule

Our Sterling Colorado facility offers outpatient services including group therapy.  To view the current schedule of groups click here.

Contacting Clients At Our Facilies

Please be advised that in order to ensure privacy and confidentiality, we kindly request that we have an ROI (Release of Information) on file for each individual associated with a client before any information can be shared over the phone or via email. This policy applies to inquiries regarding our clients at Advantage Treatment Centers, including but not limited to confirming or denying their presence in our facility, disclosing their treatment plans, or revealing details about their healthcare providers. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in maintaining the utmost respect for our clients' privacy.
Sterling Transitional Housing Jefferson – Male

In Sterling ATC operates a small house with 4 single bedrooms with a glorious man cave setup in an attached garage. The Sterling Jefferson house is supervised by our Judicial Navigator position and works in conjunction with a peer specialist to provide all the supportive and oversight tasks that help clients succeed.  This house has been used for housing community corrections clients previously and is CARR (Colorado Association of Recover Residences) certified. The monthly cost of the Sterling house is $500.  We accept various forms of payment including, probation vouchers, community assistance, and private payment. 


For both Sterling houses please contact Issac Harris at or by calling 970-522-7383 ext. 121.
Sterling Transitional Housing Division Duplex – Female
Our newest house recently purchased is strictly used for female people in recovery. The Duplex offers a very stable place for up to 4 women to thrive in our community.  The same Judicial Navigator and Peer Specialist work with this population to support them.  2 well furnished apartments, a garden, a large backyard, and space await referrals to this house. This house is CARR (Colorado Association of Recover Residences) certified. The monthly cost of the Sterling house is $500.  We accept various forms of payment including, probation vouchers, community assistance, and private payment. 

Partners In Success

In the realm of community corrections, the synergy between law enforcement agencies and community partnerships stands as a cornerstone for transformative success. Among these collaborative efforts, Advantage Treatment Centers in Colorado emerge as a beacon of innovation and effectiveness. This article delves into the intricate dynamics of these partnerships, illustrating how they not only redefine the landscape of corrections but also foster safer, more resilient communities.

Sterling Clients Give Back to Community

The magic of humanity lies in the willingness to extend help, to love, to make sacrifices and ultimately, to make a difference. Recently, the clients of Advantage Treatment Center Sterling illustrated this, having seized an opportunity to make a positive impact in their community. It is their story we tell today, a tale of compassion and dedication, which we hope will inspire others to extend their hand to those in need.

Courts Offer Alternative Chance at Sobriety

Learn about how courts are offering an alternative to jail and new chance at sobriety for many people in the Colorado community.

Intensive Residential Treatment (IRT)

Intensive residential treatment for community corrections is a form of rehabilitation that is designed to provide structured and intensive support to individuals who have been involved in the criminal justice system.

Judicial Services

Judicial Services are provided to community members who are not in residential status but under the jurisdiction of a local Judicial Branch.  Including monitored sobriety, oversight of community service, GPS, and SCRAM monitoring.

Outpatient Groups

We are here to help with multiple treatments for mental health and substance abuse in underserved rural areas of Colorado.  We offer various outpatient treatments and group therapy for a wide variety of mental health disorders. 

For comments or concerns regarding Judicial Services at this location please contact the following:

Judicial Services Coordinator Isaac Harris

Judicial Services Director Matt Sheets at (970) 571-7910.

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