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Why Use ATC

Advantage Treatment Center offers pre and post-sentencing services at its locations in Sterling, Montrose, Lamar, and Alamosa, ranging from Monitored Sobriety to Electronic Monitoring. These services are in place to help clients through ordered stipulations by their supervising agency. ATC works in conjunction with the Courts, Probation Office, and Parole Office to insure an individual is abiding by all rules set forth by their supervising agency. Our programs are designed with the success of both the court and the individual in mind. All of our monitored sobriety programs, SCRAM, and community service monitoring are self-pay unless otherwise covered by the supervising agency, and payment arrangements can be made with Judicial Services staff.

Working Together

One of the primary reasons that ATC offers judicial services is to ensure that individuals who are under court supervision receive the support and resources they need to successfully complete their sentence and reintegrate into their communities. This includes treatment programs, education and vocational training, and support for finding employment and housing. In addition, ATC offers judicial services as a way to promote public safety and reduce recidivism. By closely monitoring individuals who are under court supervision, community corrections facilities can help ensure that they comply with the terms of their sentence and avoid further criminal behavior. This can help reduce the overall rate of crime in the community and promote a safer, more secure environment for everyone.

Programs & Services

Out Patient Treatment (SUD&MH)

Intensive Residential Treatment (IRT+)

Condition of Placement (Parole)

Condition of Placement (Probation)

Urine Analysis Monitoring (UA)

Electronic Home Monitoring (EHM)

SCRAM Monitoring

GPS Monitoring

Hair Follicle Testing

Useful Public Service (Community Service)

CYDC (SB-94)

Breathalyzer Testing

Pretrial Supervision

Transition Program

Outpatient Groups

Monitored Sobriety 

Urine Analysis -This form of monitoring is Court ordered while defendants are on Bond waiting for a resolution to their case. Our monitored sobriety programs will require the Defendant to call a daily UA phone number for randomized testing.  All UA’s must be taken between 7AM and 9PM unless otherwise approved by Judicial Services Staff. 

Scram Monitoring

This form of monitoring requires the client to wear an ankle monitor. This monitor will, periodically throughout the day, test for alcohol use through the skin. This monitor can be ordered as pre-trial supervision by the Courts or as a stipulation of an individual’s sentence. This monitoring can also be set up as Electronic Home Monitoring (EHM) along with SCRAM Monitoring. This form of monitoring varies in pricing depending on the monitoring that is ordered.

Useful Public Service (Community Service)

Useful Public Service is given to individuals who have pled guilty or have been found guilty in a court of the law of a crime. Hours are assigned by the Judge presiding over the case and vary depending on the severity of the case. This stipulation is ordered by the court in an attempt to help rectify the harm the client may have caused the community and is viewed as an intricate part of the Criminal Justice system. 

Hair Follicle Testing

Hair follicle testing is an important part of the judicial system’s efforts to ensure the safety of the public and the integrity of the legal process. By testing for the presence of drugs, the judicial system can help to ensure that individuals who are involved in the system are not under the influence of drugs and are following the provisions put in place. Please contact the location closest to you to ensure that hair follicle testing is available at that site.

Electronic Home Monitoring (EHM)

This form of monitoring requires the Client to wear an ankle monitor. This monitor is strictly used for curfew purposes. This monitor can be ordered as pre-trial supervision by the Courts as a stipulation of an individual’s sentence. In some cases, EHM can be given in lieu of a jail sentence by the Courts at the Judge’s discretion. A client is allowed a determined amount of time daily, to work or complete personal business tasks. The allotted daily time is dependent on the Defendant’s personal situation. Also, a weekly “lockdown” day is established where the client is not allowed to leave his or her residence for a 24-hour period. 

GPS Monitoring

This form of monitoring requires the client to wear an ankle monitor, which tracks all movements made by the client. This monitor can also be ordered as pre-trial supervision by the courts or as a stipulation of an individual’s sentence. This monitor will track an individual’s whereabouts to the minute. The monitor is required to be charged daily. 

Intensive Residential Treatment (IRT)

Referrals for IRT are accepted from the Division of Criminal Justice, Colorado Department of Corrections, or a Probation Department. If you have a client you would like to be considered for placement in our IRT program for criminal conduct or substance abuse treatment in Alamosa or our other locations, please contact one of our IRT Coordinators below. Located within Sterling, Lamar & Alamosa facilities the IRT program provides a 90-day intensive treatment program to clients that have a history of substance use. Our programs in Sterling, Lamar, and Alamosa focuses on substance abuse treatment and recovery as well as criminal conduct.

Breathalyzer Testing

Breathalyzer testing is used to ensure a client is not under the influence at the time of testing.

Working Together Is Easy


Contact the location closest to you to learn about the times and costs associated with the service you need. 



Verify that you have the correct location, pricing, and documentation including your Sentry number to complete the service needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need a service you don’t have listed?

If you see something you need that isn’t listed please feel free to reach out to us directly at irtreferrals@atreatmentcenters.com

Do you work directly with Parole Officers?

We have an excellent relationship with law enforcement, court officials, and local support systems in each county we serve.  If you are a parole officer needing to get in touch with us you can reach us directly at irtreferrals@atreatmentcenters.com

How do I pay for my court-ordered service?

We offer different programs for those who face financial barriers.  In most cases we can help you identify the best program for you just by gathering some information. To pay online click here

How can I report that my service is done?

We work directly with the courts to ensure that when your court-ordered service is complete they have all the information they need.  If you have more questions about specific information we provide contact us at irtreferrals@atreatmentcenters.com 

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