Craig / Steamboat


Craig Mailing Address:  56 W. 6th St.  Craig, CO 81625

Steamboat Mailing Address: 1955 Shield Dr., Steamboat Springs, CO 81487

Craig/Steamboat Direct Phone Number:   970-824-0311

Our Craig/Steamboat location serves 2 locations.  We offer substance use disorder testing (UA’s), Electronic Monitoring, and Public Service. Please call the direct phone number and allow 2 business days for a response. 


Substance Testing Info

Substance testing hours and days vary due to serving two locations. All testing must be paid for either prior to by clicking here or at the time of service, cash or card is accepted.

Craig Hours 11am-7pm M-F & 8am-4pm S&SU

Steamboat Hours 12pm-6pm M-F & 9am-3pm S&SU

Craig Group Schedule

Our program offers outpatient services including group therapy.  To view the current schedule of groups  and locations click here.

Contacting Clients At Our Facilies

Please be advised that in order to ensure privacy and confidentiality, we kindly request that we have an ROI (Release of Information) on file for each individual associated with a client before any information can be shared over the phone or via email. This policy applies to inquiries regarding our clients at Advantage Treatment Centers, including but not limited to confirming or denying their presence in our facility, disclosing their treatment plans, or revealing details about their healthcare providers. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in maintaining the utmost respect for our clients' privacy.

 Navigating Recovery in Community Corrections

Discover the unique challenges and opportunities in navigating recovery within community corrections, highlighting personal stories and innovative solutions.

The Comprehensive Training Program at Advantage Treatment Centers

At Advantage Treatment Centers (ATCs), the cornerstone of our success lies in the rigorous training and development our staff undergo to ensure they provide the highest quality care to our clients.

Partners In Success

In the realm of community corrections, the synergy between law enforcement agencies and community partnerships stands as a cornerstone for transformative success. Among these collaborative efforts, Advantage Treatment Centers in Colorado emerge as a beacon of innovation and effectiveness. This article delves into the intricate dynamics of these partnerships, illustrating how they not only redefine the landscape of corrections but also foster safer, more resilient communities.

Intensive Residential Treatment (IRT)

Intensive residential treatment for community corrections is a form of rehabilitation that is designed to provide structured and intensive support to individuals who have been involved in the criminal justice system.

Judicial Services

Judicial Services are provided to community members who are not in residential status but under the jurisdiction of a local Judicial Branch.  Including monitored sobriety, oversight of community service, GPS, and SCRAM monitoring.

Outpatient Groups

We are here to help with multiple treatments for mental health and substance abuse in underserved rural areas of Colorado.  We offer various outpatient treatments and group therapy for a wide variety of mental health disorders. 

For comments or concerns regarding Judicial Services at this location please contact the following:

Judicial Services Coordinator Isaac Harris

Judicial Services Director Matt Sheets at (970) 571-7910.

Contact Us

Our General Contact Form will allow us to connect you with the right person for your needs.  For emergencies call 911 or visit your nearest hospital

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P.O. Box 328 Sterling, CO 80751

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