Acceptance Criteria


IRT Beds Serving Communities

General Criteria

  • 18 years of age or older, male.
  • SOAR-R level 4C/4D
  • Sex offenders and/or violent offenders may require additional information for further screening before acceptance. PSIR and/or criminal history must be sent to the agency. If no PSIR is available a copy of the police report is required.
  • An offender who does not have extensive physical or mental health conditions that may interfere with the program.
  • No pending felony cases.
  • If the client is currently on medication it is required that a 90-day supply of all medication be sent with the client.

Exclusionary Criteria

  • A serious psychiatric disorder that would endanger the client, staff, community, or other clients in the program.
  • Current serious suicidal and/or homicidal threats directed towards self or others.
  • If a family member or significant other is already in a treatment program or if the client is related to a current staff member, or if any obvious conflicts of professional treatment exist.
  • Total refusal from the client to participate actively in the program or a refusal to agree with the program’s rules and policies.

    Discharge Criteria

    • Major or repeated rule violations.
    • Failure to participate in all program aspects.
    • Use of unauthorized medication

      We take pride in our ability to align with clients and offer every opportunity to refocus and succeed in the program. 

      "This program is good for pushing you to the very edge, where in previous history you would use. The difference is, at ATC, we are given the support and tools we need to learn how to make it through turmoil without resorting to using."


      "I believe this place represents the exact value of choice. It not only grants us the golden opportunity to change, but slowly transitions us back into the community at a rate that allows us to actually make it. Once we get there it's within our own power to maintain our wealth of knowledge".

      T. H.

      "I have only been here at ATC for about a week, but I have to say that I am more than pleased to be here. At first I was worried but with the staff and my fellow peers being so great and supportive I feel like I am not judged and recovery is possible. Now I feel very hopeful and like this new sober me is radiating and full of life that I thought no longer existed inside me. Thank you ATC."

      K. D.

      "I've been at ATC for about 3.5 months. In that time I've seen that most of the staff will go out of their way to help you or give you advice. And they talk to you like a person, not a number. I've had no issue with the program. If I work with it I think I will benefit from it. This program will show you what it takes to be a productive member of the community. You just have to want it and work for it.


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